Champarts Electronic Technology Co., LD is a research and development, production, sales in one, with a perfect organization structure of the new modern enterprises. Its products have not only been certified by authoritative institutions such as CCC and SGS security, but also a number of national patents such as utility model patents, design patents and so on.

E-generation e rod negative ion meter is the first hand skin skin health management experts, extraction of ozone in the air and negative ion with high technology, through the e-generation e rod negative ion conduction to the skin 
analyzer skin, make the skin a healthy activity increased by 80%. Ozone can sterilize the surface of the injured skin, enhance the existing activity of the injured skin, accelerate the circulation of blood, and promote the normal cell

Our products are aimed at diseases of bacterial and fungal infections in people's lives:
Rhinitis, beriberi (eczema), acne, frostbite, burns, 
scratches, facial pigmentation, acne, scars, 
Jiuzhibuyu ulcer, vitiligo, psoriasis, tinea corporis, 
varicose veins and abscess, sore herpes virus and 
symptoms has significant curative effect, no side effect and dependence!