E-generation-e-rod will participate in the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

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International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva founded in 1973 and held annually, it has been successfully held for 45 years by 2017.

The large-scale international exhibition by the Swiss federal government, state in Geneva, Geneva, the municipal government, the world intellectual property organization jointly held, is the world held the longest history, one of the largest invention exhibition.

In Geneva lake, flowers blossom in April each year, the inventor and invention enthusiasts from dozens of countries all over the world will gather in Geneva, bring his new invention, new technology, new ideas, compete, play.

At the same time, technical professionals, intellectual property experts, financial experts from transnational investment Banks, famous international media, and thousands of spectators will also be present and participate in various activities. The pavilion is the Palexpo on the west bank of the lake in Geneva.

Exhibition of outstanding exhibition project has set up a gold, silver, bronze, the world intellectual property organization and some countries and regions, also set up a special prize for exhibition project, the award because of strict selection, professional, widely recognized in the world.

The 46th Geneva international invention exhibition will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on April 15, 2018.


 E-generation-e-rod will shine at the international exhibition of inventions in Geneva.

As one of the Geneva invention exhibition the exhibitors, Wu Yichang, general manager of our company  hope to be able to shine brilliantly, extraordinary miracle, for we Chinese proud, recognised by the international jury!

The product is good not only by mouth, but to get everyone's approval. May the road ahead continue to receive your attention and support!


E-generation-e-rod negative ion instrument  introduction

E-generation-e-rod negative ion instrument  is the domestic first "hand skin health management experts" beauty instrument, use high and new technology to extract the ozone in the air and anion, anion generation by e e great beauty instrument conduction to the skin, make healthy skin activity increased by 80%.

Ozone can sterilize the injured skin surface, enhance the existing activity of the injured skin, accelerate blood circulation, and promote cell activation and return to normal.



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