E-generation-e-roda tour of 20,000 km and 9 provinces

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A study  tour of 20,000 km and 9 provinces

After a month's flight of 20,000km and 9 provinces, as the founder of "E-generation-e-rod", Wu yichang is so struggling, why?

1. The first station (March 3 ~5)  GuiZhou.

Capital first came to the place with good mountains and waters of guizhou, Guizhou Zhu Tao President of hairdressing association with unmatched passion and miao highest reception, 

and just about promoting cosmetics quality traceability system in-depth discussion.

2. (March 5 ~7) ChongQing

On March 5, always met with wu beauty salon chamber of commerce in chongqing nan, and Peng Zong commander, liu2 zong3, dean and five big beauty on promoting cosmetics quality traceability system in-depth discussion. During the period, we also discussed the product and brand connotation of E-generation-e-rod, and got unanimous praise and recognition from all of us, and actively engaged in relevant cooperation.

3. (March 5 ~7)  SiChuan

The third station came to the land of the people of heaven, the President of Sichuan chuan lian beauty and beauty association, the executive chairman of the army, the minister wu and the beautiful life group zheng's hospitality. After inviting us to the us, we will go to chengdu, and the project will fall to the ground. We hope E-generation-e-rod  will continue to work hard to help more people.

4. (March 17 ~19) GanSu

On March 17, Mr.wu come to lanzhou, Gansu province, visited lanzhou YiShan beauty salon association, and feel the enthusiasm of the lanzhou zhu director and President of truth-telling around, let wu always see the society during the period of the cohesion, as long as the sincere heart, nothing impossible!

 5. ( March 19~20) NingXia

Ningxia province cosmetology association Liu Shouzhong President, a senior scholar, in the industry for more than 20 years, the pioneer in education training, 

under his guidance and recognition, E-generation-e-rod in ningxia yinchuan try a crow bar, the expectations, are you sure, thank you support e e good friends, in the subsequent more trip, we will continue to heat!

6. (March 21 ~23) AnHui

Anhui beauty salon association Zheng Gucui and competent Bai Sha group units for e e stick the features of the product approval and admiration, and working plan,

 a health and beauty business is burgeoning, the gold will shine.

7. (March 23 ~25) HuBei

On March 24, after Wu's patient introduction of E-generation-e-rod, the association of hairdressing and hairdressing association of hubei province and chairman of the provincial committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), Xiao qingshan, etc., expressed their support and approval. He also learned the motto of xiao's President: "do what you can do, do what you can, and stick to the right path, and the natural blessing will come to you".

8. (March 25 ~27) HuNan

On March 25, Mr.Wu came to hunan changsha, hunan province, the cosmetics industry association Yi Jingping actively express new outlook on life and optimistic work attitude, let wu always feel with your heart and enthusiasm of their organisation, JingYi group chairman zhang to e generation e stick also agree and praise, and immediately started to cooperation.

Shanghai, March 30

On March 30, after more than 16,000 kilometers, Wu returned to the last stop, Shanghai, to attend the "CBE China (Shanghai) summit". The theme of "creating new meaning" was held at the Shanghai zhuomei Himalayas hotel. More than 800 leaders, associations, experts and online media gathered for the conference.


Hope to create new meaning

After a period of 20,000 kilometers in a month, wu always understood how difficult it was for a brand to develop, and there was so much to learn. Also strengthened the general wu confidence, we will also hold learn attitude, don't forget to beginner's mind, will e generation e great brand connotation it spread further afield, attentively complete products, let E-generation-e-rod help to more people, with the construction of beauty and health career.

PS: on April 11, the Geneva international invention exhibition, Mr.Wu hope to be able to create extraordinary miracle, for we Chinese proud, recognised by the international jury!


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