The best invention and gold medal ! We won the highest award

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The President of the international invention exhibition at Geneva (third left) and the founder of E-generation-e-rod , wu yichang (second from left)

Exciting surprise.

The 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva opens on April 11. As a world-renowned exhibition of inventions, this year's exhibition focuses on more than 5,000 inventions from more than 40 countries and regions.

As one of the exhibitors of the exhibition of the invention of Geneva, E-generation-e-rod is not a mission, and won the gold medal and the highest award of the invention exhibition -- the negative ion special award of the conference!

The award of this award is inseparable from the support and efforts of the major cooperation brands and agents.  E-generation-e-rod has achieved extraordinary success, which is recognized by the international jury and consumers, and is the best embodiment of product quality and reputation.

At the scene of the booth

 Live demo products

On the day of the invention, people from all over the world came to visit and seek business opportunities. E-generation-e-rod stick booth in front of the visitors,  Wu yichang patiently to the participants to tell the product use and function.

Senior officials of Taiwan economic department (center) and President of the invention association (right)

The senior officials of Taiwan's ministry of economic affairs and the President of the invention association also came to the e-agent booth to guide the work, expressed their strong support and appreciation, and hoped that the e generation e club could achieve good results in the exhibition.

The international jury will conduct visits and ratings.

Accept the instant

The best invention

 The best invention and gold meda !

Chinese light - "E-generation-e-rod", which has accumulated three years of painstaking efforts.

The great success of the international exhibition of inventions in Geneva has greatly boosted our confidence and morale. We will continue to keep an open mind to learn, and we will not forget our original intention to spread the brand connotation of e to the further. Make the product carefully, use the product effect to confirm the word of mouth, let e generation e stick help more people, build the beautiful and healthy business together.

E-generation-e-rod negative ion instrument  introduction

E-generation-e-rod negative ion instrument  is the domestic first "hand skin health management experts" beauty instrument, use high and new technology to extract the ozone in the air and anion, anion generation by e e great beauty instrument conduction to the skin, make healthy skin activity increased by 80%.

Ozone can sterilize the injured skin surface, enhance the existing activity of the injured skin, accelerate blood circulation, and promote cell activation and return to normal.


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