E-generation-e-rod: Q&A

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    NoteWe have summarized the related problems that we may encounter when using the product. We hope to help you understand the products better. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    1. Q: Can it be used for fine lines?

        A: Yes, our product can activate cells to remove fine lines, so of course they can be used in fine lines.

    2. Q:The eye can feel dry when use, what reason is it?

        A: It is mainly activated cells, the eyes feel dry when used. Because the skin around the eyes is too dry, and it is not the eyeball itself. With dry eyes or user itself, when use for cell activation, so the feeling will be more strong, but after long-term use      because cell activation, dry eyes problem will improve, don't having to worry about it.

    3. Q: Smell stinky when you use it?

        A: Because our product can absorb the surrounding convert it into ozone, oxygen is there will be a little bit of peculiar smell, can habits in a few minutes, the user without having to worry about.

    4. Q: Does it hurt your eyes?

        A: No, ozone and negative ions do not harm the eyes. Ozone is the main function is to kill harmful bacteria, reduce skin layer, anion main role is the activation cell, forcibly implanted cells, instantaneous acceleration activate blood circulation, so will not  cause harm to the eyes.

    5. Q: The skin can be a little red when use, what reason is?

        A: Use it only lightly on the skin, please do not rub! Be sure not to drag and drop on your skin.

    6. Q: Used for a period of time without electricity?

        A: Before use, please fill it full of power. It will display red light when charging, and then switch to green light after full charge.

    7. Q: Can it go to dispel face freckle?

        A: The negative ions can be infiltrated into the skin's underlying activated cells, which can play down the dark spots and freckles. If you can match them, the effect will be more obvious.

    8. Q: Can it combine beauty products?

        A: Yes, E-generation-e-rod are ozone is the main function is to kill bacteria, reduce skin layer, anion main role is the activation cell, help maintain article after absorption. It is recommended to use e - e - rod skin device before using the product, which  can help the skin to increase the absorption effect by 80%.

    9. Q: Can the knife wound after operation recover?

        A: Yes, it is recommended to be used as soon as possible after the operation. As a result, ozone can sterilize the wound and keep the wound from bacterial infection, and the second negative ion can activate cells to help the wound heal quickly without  scarring, so it can be used in both small and large wounds.

    10. Q: Can it eliminate stretch marks?

         A: It can be used to dilute fine lines, and it will be better if it is combined with related beauty products.


    11. Q: Can bruising be used?

         A: Stasis is more likely to it, because the principle of E-generation-e-rod cells can remove the bruises quickly, so it should be used more.

    12. Q: Is there radiation? Can children use it for a long time?

           A: Please be assured that there is no radiation at all. Our manufacturer can provide the inspection report. Children can use it for a long time as long as they need it, without any side effects.

    13. Q: Do you need to disinfect with alcohol sponge before use?

          A: Generally do not need, because ozone itself has the function of sterilization, so do not need additional disinfection. If the consumer is concerned about impurity, can use alcohol cotton piece to wipe disinfect, won't affect the effect of product itself.

    14. Q: What should you do if your pimples are fresh or mature?

         A: The pimple that just appeared, use 3 minutes, use 4 times a day, make blain blain blackness and self-metabolism. Mature blain blain must put it out, because the content is too big to metabolism, don't be afraid leave blain to imprint, because        sterilization and do the wound directly, will not leave blain to imprint, also need to be 4 times a day.

    15. Q: Can I use the embroidery eyebrow?

         A: After the embroidery eyebrow, the immediate use of the wound can quickly restore the wound, which is less than half of the normal time, and is used 4 times a day, 3 to 5 minutes.

    16. Q: Can be used after the operation of double eyelid surgery?

         A: Immediately after double eyelid surgery, can let the pain immediately by half, the wound recovery will also early, containing water GuangZhen ultrasonic knife picosecond medical beauty of minimally invasive surgery can be used, such as the size of  an average in five minutes or so, about 4 times a day.

    17. Q: When there is wound fester or bedsore can use?

         A: The wound fester must be done first, before it can be used. Because pus is like mature blain blain can not form metabolization, must be cleared up, the effect that restore also will be early half. Bedsores and various wounds are also described in the  same way, four times a day, five to 10 minutes each time, because most of the wound is very different and the duration of use must be lengthened.

    18. Q: Is there any way to improve the problem of bald hair or hair loss?

          A: Yes, because the hair also grows on the skin above, can promote hair follicle hyperplasia, promote the activation of scalp cell, improve the condition that hair loss is hair.

    19. Q: Can I ask if the athlete's feet and gray nails help too?

         A: Both feet and nails are caused by bacterial infections, and the first key to e's product mechanism is sterilization, which can be solved quickly and completely cured.


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