The latest demonstration and the Chinese medicine twelve channels and collaterals collision sparks!

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E-generation e rod negative ion instrument combines the theory of twelve channels and collaterals of traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of dozens of Chinese doctors' experiments, which can more pertinently correspond to various meridians and collaterals of the body, promote the body's blood circulation, improve the body's meridians and collaterals, enhance human muscle energy and improve human immunity.



What are 12 meridian of traditional Chinese medicine?

The twelve channels and collaterals are the main body of the meridian system.

Including hand three Yin meridians (lung meridian, faint the pericardium meridian, hand less Yin heart sutra), three Yang meridians (hand yangming e. classics, hand little Yang in the classics, the small intestine), three Yang meridians (the meridian of yangming foot, foot shaoyang bile, bladder after sufficient sun), foot three Yin meridians (foot lunar spleen, foot jue the liver meridian, feet shaoyin kidney meridian), also known as the "serious".

The theory of meridian and meridian is the most basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The theory of meridian and meridian plays an important guiding role in the external treatment of TCM, such as six classics differentiation of acupuncture and moxibustion, massage and typhoid syndrome. The channels and collaterals of human body are the pathway of human body's qi and blood running. The inner part belongs to the viscera and is distributed to the whole body.

Meridian is the general name of meridian and complex pulse. Meridians, refers to the meridian, as a direct path, is the backbone of the meridian system; Collaterals, refers to the complex veins, like the network, is a small branch of the meridians. The theory of meridian and meridian is one of the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. Together with deng's basic theories of viscera and qi and blood, it is of great guiding significance to the clinical dialectics and treatment of various departments of traditional Chinese medicine.



E-generation e rod negative ion instrument  combines the theory of twelve meridian of traditional Chinese medicine

Combined with the theory of twelve channels and collaterals in traditional Chinese medicine, the product can provide health care and nursing to the acupoints and positions of various channels and collaterals of the body.

1. Headache and dizziness (foot shaoyang gallbladder meridian -- temple) ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

2. Eye care (foot shaoyang gallbladder meridian -- qingming acupoint) ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

3.Shoulder and neck pain (hand sanyang trifocal meridian -- shoulder hole) ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

4. Chest palpitation (hand shaoyang heart meridian -- shaofu point) ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

5. Relieve hypertension ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

6. Eliminate fatigue (lung meridian of hand taiyin -- laogong acupoint) ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

7.Severe menstrual pain ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

8.Constipation and diarrhea (tianyangming large intestine meridian -- yingxiang point) ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

9.Insomnia and dreaminess (foot yangming stomach meridian -- taichong acupoint) ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

10. Prostate/ovarian health care (foot three Yin meridian -- three Yin acupoint) ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

11. Heat stroke ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

12. Allergic/chronic rhinitis¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

13. Sports injury ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©

14. Rheumatoid arthritis ¡ı £¨To view the original image£©


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